ADVERTISE: The Australian Country Media Network

The Australian Country Media Network reaches the hearts and minds of a community of consumers who are active and completely dedicated to living the country lifestyle wherever they may reside.

We are genuine about helping these consumers and offer businesses with useful services and ideas a unique way to reach this market.

The Australian Country Media Network is one of Australia’s most successful media groups with a web portal, significant social media channels, inbox media and two magazines to our name. We publish Australian Country magazine and the new quarterly Australian Country Homes as both print and digital editions — our digital editions have the widest distribution of any country-themed publication in Australia. We have also launched a successful stationery range and several books off the back of the brand.

We use our network of media to find the most active consumers in this market and connect them to businesses that offer the unique products and services that they are looking for. This makes our multimedia marketing programs cost-effective and efficient. We are everywhere that matters and we successfully target the consumers that matter.

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