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Field To Feast Cookbook Cover 400x445


Australia is indeed the lucky country when it comes to the diversity, quality and ready availability of our fresh produce. To celebrate this bounty, we’ve dug into its recipe portfolio to help home cooks make the most of our wonderful fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood. Divided by seasons, Australian Country Field to Feast provides recipes for making the most of ingredients at their prime.

From summer’s tomatoes, mangoes and cherries to winter’s citrus, pears and root vegies, Field to Feast takes the cook through the year with delicious, easy-to-follow recipes, each illustrated by superb photography. There are also menu plans for composing meals that highlight the season’s abundance, with accompanying wine suggestions from our resident wine expert and tips for selection and storage.

Australian Country Field to Feast is available for pre-order now, head to our shoppers website or your local newsagents to grab a copy for just $19.95!


Country Gardens 001 Cover 400x445


The Australian Country Gardens book takes you behind the scenes at some of the most beautiful gardens across rural Australia. From traditional cottage gardens to sprawling outback oases, we’ve had privileged access to some of the country’s gardeners’ most splendid horticultural achievements. This collection of photo essays travels from one end of the country to the other and showcases gardens from grand-scale to pocket-sized, and simple to OTT. So if you’d love to see what a combination of determination in the face of drought, floods and bushfires, hard work and enthusiasm for putting down roots can achieve, pick up a copy of Australian Country Gardens. We’re sure you’ll come away with a better understanding of not just the challenges that country gardeners face, but also the dedication and passion with which they pursue their collective passion for plants.

Australian Country Gardens is on sale now, head to our shopper’s website or your local newsagent to grab a copy of this striking publication.


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