Introducing the Nectre Form 1: A Modern Take on Classic European Stoves for Compact Wood Heating

The Nectre Form 1 is a thoroughly modern rethink of how a compact wood heater should be, inspired by the past.

Taking inspiration from classic European stoves of the 1940s, and adapting to the Australian climate, Nectre Form 1 has a narrow, deep firebox that firewood can be loaded lengthways into – which means that despite being only 300mm wide, owners can easily fit large pieces of firewood for a long burn time. 

Nectre Fireplaces

Compact wood heaters are often inherently compromised by their small dimensions. Commercially available firewood is typically cut to a length between 350 and 400mm – longer than most compact heaters can fit. Despite Form 1’s tiny footprint, it is a powerful combustion heater and surprisingly practical, thanks to its deep yet narrow form factor.

Nectre Form 1 represents a truly unique offering in the Australian wood heating landscape. Designed and made here in Australia. The unit is hand built by skilled metalworkers at our plant in Adelaide. Its unique combination of impressive performance, heating efficiency, practical cooktop and tiny footprint make it perfect for use in compact, sustainable eco-housing – a new market for wood heating.

Compact Wood Heating

Nectre Form 1’s sleek capsule shape is resolved with cast iron and curved glass, which offers a wider view of the flames. The Nectre “N” logo is debossed into the heater top plate – subtly branding the product, and also serving as a visual indicator of the centre of the cooking zone. The main touch points of the heater – the door handle and the air control – have been positioned neatly below the door and shaped to ensure they remain cool to the touch. Both handles are made from stainless steel and bead blasted for a premium finish.

The flue has been pushed to the very back of the firebox to maximise the size the cooking surface – which has been tested to reach temperatures in excess of 350°C thanks to the twin spigot firebox, which allows flames to contact the underside of the top plate. The nature of cast iron means that the direct flame heat is dispersed more evenly over the cooking surface.

Nectre Heating

The Nectre Form series are also the first Australian made wood heaters to offer the option of outside air connections – future proofing this design for use in brand new houses built to high energy efficiency standards. By connecting an optional duct to the underside of Nectre Form 1 – it can draw its supply of air completely from outside the home – meaning it works just as well in brand new air tight homes as it does in older, drafty dwellings, and it won’t draw heated air from the room into the firebox. This is a more efficient way to heat your home.

Nectre Form 1 has been fully tested for emissions and efficiency and complies with Australian Standards AS/NZS4012:2014 and AS/NZS4013:2014. The firebox is lined with vermiculite, which helps reflect heat, raising firebox temperatures for a clean burn. Offering a robust 7kw of heating output, with efficiency figures 10% better than the Australian Standard and 53% cleaner burning, thanks to the carefully considered firebox and features like the stainless steel burn manifold that injects preheated air precisely into the firebox to burn off excess smoke and gases before they leave the firebox.

Nectre Fireplace

The practicality, performance and functionality of the unit will attract customers to the Nectre brand and the Form 1. We believe that the flexibility of use will also open up new opportunities for wood heating in general – allowing more people to experience the warmth and ambience that only a crackling fire can bring to their home.

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