Find inspiration in these country inspired kitchens to use in your very own home. Add accents of copper to bring a rustic vibe, especially if you’ve got wooden kitchen furniture. Plants such as herbs to use for cooking definately can help liven up the space and add character. Put them in cute terracotta styles vases or pots for a Mediterranean look.


Splash-back tiles are extremely useful, but they’re also great to use as a statement piece. Go for colourful tiles, which will not only make the room cosier but will also make grease and dirt seem less visible. Then colour co-ordinate with your pots and pans and opt for something vibrant. Food comes in all sorts of colours so why not have a kitchen that reflects that?


If you have a simple-style kitchen that is of one colour or material, one great way to style it up is to add patterns. Add some checked or striped cushions to your bar stools or chairs, which will make your kitchen more inviting for your guests and definately add that needed splash of colour. Go for patterned utensils and appliances or mix and match for a dynamic interior.


Open-plan kitchens are usually easy to style because they’re joined with the living room. So naturally, your living room decor becomes a part of the kitchen, so don’t be afraid to add pieces to your cooking space that you normally wouldn’t. For example, wall art such as paintings and wall hangings make your kitchen seem less separate from you living room.

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Mixing old with new or dark with light creates a great contrast and appeals to different styles. Plus, going for something less conservative such as having different levels of tables joined together or a massive shelf in the kitchen, can definitely spice things up.

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