2018 is fast approaching, which means it’s the time of the year we need to choose our 2018 Calendar & Diary set and put it on our Christmas lists!

Being lovers of all things Australia, choosing to just one diary or calendar for the entire year is quite a commitment and a decision we take very seriously.  We’ve managed to  narrow down our favourite calendars and diaries to share with you across two posts, along with our reasons for choosing each and every one.

This post looks at the 12 best Calendars choices for this year – from the Outback to Wild horses, the classic Akubra and an old favourite, May Gibbs.

Which calendar would you choose?

 2018 Akubra Calendar

Akubra Akubra OBC

With 130 years behind it, Akubra has quite a story to tell. From humble beginnings in Tasmania to becoming an Australian icon, the journey has had many twists and turns, but Akubra has always remained family owned and Australian made. This 2018 calendar celebrates one of our greatest Australian icons. Embrace the Australian culture and history this 2018.

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW


2018 Our Australia Spring Carnival Calendar

Our Australia Spring Carnival Our Australia Spring Carnival4

From September to November, the nation is captivated by our world-class thoroughbred racing where reputations bloom, legends are born and history is made. It solidifies the passion of racing fans, pushes jockeys to the boundaries of endurance and has trainers meticulously working to prepare our elite equine athletes. This calendar celebrates those athletes of this exciting racing season. Join the race this 2018!

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW


2018 Our Australia Wild Horses Calendar

Our Australia Wild Horses the Brumby Our Australia Wild Horses the Brumby OBC

The Australian brumby has been part of our bush folklore since the man from Snowy River barrelled down Mount Kosciuszko to recapture the colt from old Regret. The Brumby is mysterious, tough and beautiful. Keep its spirit in your heart every day of the year in 2018.

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW

2018 Australia Outback Calendar

Our Australia Outback Our Australia Outback OBC

The jewel of Australia’s crown, the stunning outback is on show in the beautiful calendar. Discover Australia’s vast interior on an epic outback journey through 2018.

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW


2018 May Gibbs Gumnut Babies Planner

May Gibbs May Gibbs OBC

Learn all about the inquisitive little Gumnut Babies who live in the Australian bush. Find out why their eyes are so big and the fun they have with the other bush folk in Gumnut land. Enjoy this iconic 2018 planner.

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW


2018 Our Australian Horses at Home Calendar

Our Australia Horses at Home Our Australia Horses at Home OBC

Making the transition from the race track to retirement, the magnificent horses in the calendar are enjoying a life of leisure after their racing careers. Enjoy their grace and beauty in this special 2018 Horses at Home calendar.

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW


2018 Our Australia Country Collections Calendar

Our Australia Country Collections Our Australia Country Collections OBC

The inaugural Country Collections calendar celebrates a stunning range of vignettes that reflect the country home. Step inside a beautiful rustic scene each and every month of 2018.

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW


2018 Our Australia Great Race Calendar 

Our Australia Great Race Our Australia Great Race OBC

Nothing can beat the thrill and excitement of Australia’s great horse race. Once a year, the nation stops for what many believe is the country’s greatest sporting event. This 2018 calendar will get your adrenaline galloping as you discover the most recent stars of the track each month through the year.

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW


2018 Our Australia Working Dogs Calendar

Our Australia Working Dogs Our Australia Working Dogs OBC

Whether on the farm or in the big smoke, the commitment and loyalty of Australia’s working dogs is sure to motivate you in 2018. Cheer on these courageous canines as they put in the hard yards and inspire you to do the same.

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW


2018 Our Australia A man, a ute and his dog Calendar

A Man A Ute and his Dog A Man A Ute and his Dog OBC

From farmers to tradies and surfers to footy players, no one can deny the bond between man and his good ol’ Aussie ute. Take the journey on the open road in 2018 with your four legged best mate by your side.

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW


2018 Our Australia Country Homesteads Calendar

Our Australia Country Homesteads Our Australia Country Homesteads OBC

This beautiful calendar showcases the diversity of living conditions for the men and women who work the land. We discover stunning houses that have been or are being restored, and get a glimpse into their history. Enjoy 12 months of Australian heritage.

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW


2018 Our Australia Country Pubs Calendar

Our Australia Country Pubs Our Australia Country Pubs OBC

From north to south, country pubs are an iconic part of Australia and its culture. Raise a glass each month while visiting some of the most famous pub landmarks in this interesting 2018 calendar.

Price: $19.95     BUY NOW

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