Recently Australia’s family of big things welcomed a new addition, the Big Bogan in Nyngan.

10. The Big Bogan, Nyngan (NSW)

The new kid on the block has already won us over. Complete with an esky, a Southern Cross tattoo and a pair of the country’s national shoe, the thong, the Bogan stands proud and tall at Teamsters Rest Area in Nyngan.

9. The Big Boxing Crocodile, Humpty Doo (NT)

Forget about the boxing kangaroo! Weather-worn and a little grown over, the Big Boxing Crocodile in the country’s north encapsulates all tourist pre-conceptions of Australia. Built by Ray Park in 1988, the croc stands at six metres tall just off the Arnhem Highway.

8. The Big Ned Kelly Statue, Glenrowan (Vic)

If there’s one person Australia enjoys celebrating, it’s a bush ranger who stands immortalised at a whopping six metres tall in Glenrowan. The infamous Kelly was made in full armour in Sydney before being sent down south to stand guard over local shop fronts.

7.  The Giant Ram, Wagin (WA)

You’ve probably heard of the big merino in Goulburn, but have you heard of the giant ram? Found in Western Australia, the Giant Ram measures seven metres tall and 15 metres long. The fibre glass structure stands at the centre of the Wagin Wetlands Park.

6. The Big Tasmanian Devil, Trowunna (Tas)

Guarding the entrance to Trowunna Wildlife Park, The Big Tasmanian Devil is almost as popular with visitors as the real animals inside.

5.  The Big Merino, Goulburn (NSW)

Nicknamed “Rambo”, the largest concrete ram in the southern hemisphere, the big Merino, measures in at an astonishing 15.2 metres in height. Surrounded by bakeries, service stations and a McDonalds, the ram marks a popular mid-point stop on the road from Sydney to Canberra.

4. The Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth (NSW)

A tribute to Australia’s country music capital, Tamworth, the big guitar dates back to the 1980s. Unveiled by Slim Dusty himself, the structure stands 12 metres tall.

3. The Big Prawn, Ballina (NSW)

The big prawn raises a very large toast to Australia’s seafood industry. At nine metres tall and weighing in at a very impressive 35 tonne, it’s the prawn to quash all manner of hunger – at least it could if it were real.

2. The Big Rocking Horse, Gumeracha (SA)

Situated outside a toy factory, surrounded by a petting zoo, the rocking horse is the biggest in the world and stands as a token to our inner child. Climb to the top for spectacular views over Adelaide Hills.


1. The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour (NSW)

And last but by no means least, The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour which is arguably one of the more popular big things in the country. The first ever big thing to be built in the country, the banana stands five metres tall and 11 metres long. It’s a rite of passage on family pilgrimages between the states of NSW and Qld.

What’s your favourite big thing in Australia?
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