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Luxe discoveries for those on the trail through the NSW Central West

A road trip through the NSW Central West reveals lots to see and do and some luxe surprises for travellers prepared to venture a little off the beaten track. By Kirsty McKenzie, photography Ken Brass John Sarkissian picks a blade of grass from the lawn and lets it drop gently. The CSIRO Parkes Radio Observatory […]

Hinterland haven: A patch of paradise

Mel Manley supports the children’s charity Forget Me Not from her beautiful home and garden on acreage on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. By Kirsty McKenzie, photography Anastasia Kariofyllidis   They were young, idealistic, and utterly unprepared for the waters into which they dived so enthusiastically. In 2005, a trio of young Queenslanders started a charity supporting […]

The Perfect Country Retirement Home

Karren and John Hunt planned for all eventualities when they designed and helped build their retirement home on the outskirts of Bordertown. After enduring countless scorching summers on their sheep and cropping farm in South Australia’s south-east, Karren and John Hunt had a very clear picture of what they wanted when they started searching for […]

Northumberland and Australia mixed for a contemporary farmhouse home

By Kirsty McKenzie, photography Ken Brass   As Emma Rose Munsie looks out from the homestead at Fair View, the NSW farm where she lives with her husband, Sam, and their toddler, Digby, the contrast with her childhood in Northumberland, northern England couldn’t be more marked. Instead of the closely populated sheep farms of the […]

Changing landscape of blueberry farming for farmer Kellie Potts

FARM SPOTLIGHT | Singing the blues Small changes add up to big results for NSW blueberry farmer Kellie Potts. By Kirsty McKenzie, photography Lu Townsend Blueberry farmer Kellie Potts likes to tell her kids that if she were to get a tattoo, it would be a tree with the formula 6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + […]

A sub-tropical showpiece hidden behind Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

OUR RURAL RETREAT | Taste of the tropics By Kirsty McKenzie, photography Anastasia Kariofyllidis Hairdressing is practically a performance art as it requires constant social interaction, attention to detail, creativity and good listening and communication skills. No client wants a stylist to have an “off day”, so it’s also a pretty unforgiving profession. So it was […]

Moving to Australia’s first Cittaslow

The move to Hindmarsh Island ushered in a lifestyle change for an Adelaide couple, but one that is almost as hectic as their working lives. By Kirsty McKenzie, photography Ross Williams, styling Bronte Camilleri Although Ruth and Dzint Jurevicius tell people they’ve retired, the truth is their lives couldn’t be busier. Admittedly, Ruth has given […]

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A look into the pink world of Australian artist, Kate Owen

Artist Kate Owen has developed her rosy take on the world from her home and studio on a northern NSW farm. By Kirsty McKenzie, photography Ken Brass   By her own admission, Kate Owen has lost count of how many different careers she’s had. However, their common denominator has always been creative. The artist lives […]

Creating a Futuristic Vista in the Northern NSW Bush

Diversify or die is the catchcry in the bush these days and two generations of the Munsie family are giving it a red hot go from their northern NSW farms. By Kirsty McKenzie, photography Ken Brass   Agile may be the buzz word of the post-pandemic world, but for the Munsie family of northern, it’s […]

Life within one of Australia’s oldest homes

Andy and Annie Clifford are the current custodians of a historic property that’s been in their family for more than a century. By Kirsty McKenzie, photography Ross Williams, styling Bronte Camilleri Yallum Park’s stately stone homestead and 20 acres [8 hectares] of parkland gardens may resemble an aristocratic English estate, but to Andy and Annie […]

8 tips for hosting the ultimate summer dinner party

8 tips for hosting the ultimate summer dinner party

Whether you’re planning on spending time with the family or catching up with some friends, summer dinner parties are a great way to celebrate the end of a year and the start of a new one.

Heavenly Ferment

Princess Anna, just over a year old, died on a cold January day, struck down by a sudden illness in the darkness of winter. The year of the tragic event was 1319. And yet, despite the many centuries gone by, the unfortunate child is still with us. To see her, I enter a vestibule cloaked […]

Meandering Through Mudgee

It’s universally acknowledged in the tourism world that Mudgee punches above its weight. The town, with its many heritage-listed buildings, has a population of 12,000, and that swells to 18,000 or so when you add in the inhabitants of the surrounding old mining villages of Gulgong, Rylstone and Kandos. But Mudgee’s two major industries — […]

LONG TABLE LUNCH – Flinders Island Food & Crayfish Festival

Another major first for the Food & Crayfish Festival – visitors and locals are invited to join the Flinders Island Aboriginal Association for a long table lunch.

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Lord Howe Cover

Howe Amazing

With 350 permanent residents and a limit of 400 visitors at any given time, Lord Howe Island is paradise on earth.


Meandering through Mudgee

Punching above it’s weight, discover Mudgee’s fine dining options, wineries, accommodation options, and a festival every other month.

Restoration Story

Moira Station

‘Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Just take it and make it perfect’. How Rex Watson and wife, Kate Pitt, approach every aspect of life on their property.


A Vision Splendid

The Queensland town of Winton enjoys its time in the spotlight as the Hollywood of the outback during the annual Vision Splendid Film Festival.


Nogo Tours

Country hospitality, resilience in the face of a crippling drought and Queensland pastoral and bushranging history meet at Nogo Station.

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