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Northern Tasmania

A Trip Exploring Northern Tasmania

A trip across Northern Tasmania provides plenty of opportunities to sample fine hospitality and produce and see spectacular natural scenery.

Coconut Rough Semifreddo Recipe

Coconut Rough Semifreddo Recipe

A semifreddo is a no-churn ice cream that is usually made by creating a whipped custard first.

Lady Marmalade Melting Moments Recipe

Lady Marmalade Melting Moments Recipe

The slightly bitter tang of the marmalade in the buttercream is enough to splice through the richness of the biscuit and filling, and as it melts on your tongue, you’ll find yourself having a moment, too.

Pan confit tomate

Pan Confit Tomate Recipe

Here’s a play on a Catalan snack, pan con tomate or tomato bread, which is usually as simple as rubbing garlic and then tomato onto crusty bread

Eggplant Lasagne Recipe

Excellent Eggplant Lasagne Recipe

Make this gluten-free and/or plant-based with a few simple changes and finding shortcuts … all of these make this recipe a perfect bookend

Broad Bean & Asparagus Soba Salad Recipe

Broad Bean & Asparagus Soba Salad Recipe

Cold noodles, crispy rice paper wrappers — toss these textures on their heads with a bit of kitchen science. Shocking the […]

Travel Experience in Italy

Travel Experience in Italy with Lisa Clifford

Australian author Lisa Clifford shares her travel experience in Italy and her adopted hometown of Florence through her residency program.

holiday home renovation

A Retro Holiday Home Renovation in a Rural Queensland Town

Through years of hard work and a true team effort, an extended family shares their holiday home renovation experience.

Farmland Country Cottage

A Farmland Country Cottage Hosts a B&B with Picturesque Garden Views

Janelle and Peter may have retired from full-time work, but life has never been busier or more rewarding at their farmland country cottage.

Greek Fasolakia with Chicken Recipe

Greek Fasolakia with Chicken Recipe

This can be served with some basmati rice or toasted bread. My yiayia always serves this with a fresh lettuce and green onion salad.

Harissa Prawn Noodle Recipe

Harissa Prawn Noodle Recipe

These have such a lovely flavour and they smell incredible while they’re cooking. For something a little different, you can marinate the prawns, thread them onto skewers and cook them on the barbecue. For a vegan version, substitute firm tofu for the prawns.

Chorizo and Vongole Baked Risotto Recipe

Chorizo and Vongole Baked Risotto Recipe

If you’re looking for a simple seafood dish that really hits the spot, this is it. If you can’t find vongole or clams, use mussels instead. Or swap them for some firm fish or a different meat — perhaps bacon or Italian sausage.

The Doors of Berry

A Festive Business Born as Therapy for a Young Mother: The Doors of Berry

Ruth Host’s story is one of motherhood, hope, female empowerment and female entrepreneurship with her business The Doors of Berry.

Living the Country Life

Exchanging Corporate Careers to Living the Country Life

Simon and Kelly Leplaw embarked on a restoration project together, to move from corporate and begin living the country life.

Photo Competition Angie White 2022

Capturing our Country with the Winner of the 2022 Photo Competition: Angie White

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2022 Australian Country photography competition is Angie White, from north-western NSW.

Our Latest Issue

Australian Country 25.4

Our Latest Issue

This issue tells the real stories from the heartland. This is the season for a travelling as we explored Oberon in the NSW Central West and then we headed to Beechworth in north-eastern Victoria. At home with Helen Hopgood who has restored a former railway station master’s cottage, and another inspiring tale from Stanthorpe in Queensland’s Granite Belt where orchardists Ellen and Justin Fawdon have decided to use their stone fruit for a diversification into fruit-based vinegars and shrubs.

Real stories from the heartland you don’t want to miss.

Pukara Estate

Pukara Estate: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, a Skincare Range and More

Growing olives was just the start of the Goodchild family’s journey into producing extra-virgin olive oil and even a skincare range.

Homestead Garden

A Homestead Garden Oasis

Challenging conditions have played roles in the garden Jay and Sue Walker have established around their Queensland homestead.


Bathurst: A New Golden Age

In the past, Bathurst may have been eclipsed by neighbouring towns. However, now is the historic city’s time to shine once more.

Scones Recipe

Scones Recipe

I’ve been making these scones for 15 years and they’re the most reliable recipe I’ve ever used.

Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot Cake Recipe

Enter the great carrot cake taste- testing competition. I think they’re both fabulous, but with five voters in our household, there was a 3:2 preference for the first recipe, which I modified from a taste.com recipe years ago

Blue Ribbon Yo-yo Biscuit Recipe

Blue Ribbon Yo-yo Biscuits Recipe

This recipe was given to Maya Linnell by her neighbour Heather and has won both of them blue ribbons at the local baking show.

Maya Linnell

Meet Australian Romance Author Maya Linnell

Like one of the characters in her rural romances, Maya Linnell is at a crossroad in her life.

Family business

A Sheep Farm Business Turning Whey into Spirits and More

This Tasmanian-based family has turned their common family business model on its head in pursuit of their values.

Visitors Paradise Home

Turning a 1929 Home into a Visitors Paradise

Aussie wildlife and mushroom foragers are among the many visitors to Sue and Tony Johnson’s paradise home in South Australia’s Adelaide Hills.

Interior Design

Opportunity Knocks as Shelly Taps into her Passion of Country Interior Design

When doors open, step right through. That’s the mantra of Shelly Finch, who is a great advocate for both country living and interior design,

Minestrone Soup Recipe

Minestrone Soup Recipe

This tasty Minestrone Soup Recipe is an easy yet delightful recipe perfect for family and friend gatherings.

Panzanella Salad Recipe

Panzanella Salad Recipe

This Panzanella Salad Recipe is a refreshing and delicious salad perfect all seasons round, packed with a handful of favourites.

Baklava Recipe with a Twist

Baklava Recipe with a Twist

This Baklava Recipe with a Twist is a a simple and delicious, sweet treat to share around with family and friends.

Tomato & Kale Spaghetti

Lemon, Tomato & Kale Spaghetti

This simple yet delicious tomato & kale spaghetti dish uses a handful of ingredients including fresh cherry tomatoes, kale and garlic.

Jayde Chandler

Local Queensland Artist: Jayde Chandler

Jayde Chandler’s landscapes are deeply connected to the rolling plains and endless skies that surround her home in Queensland’s central-west.

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